Smoothly cruising into their 104th year of existence, Aston Martin have come an incredibly long way in terms of designing some of the most iconic automotive projects of the 20th century, building heritage which will carry on for years to come. In one of their latest ventures, the British centenary auto company teamed-up with world renown yacht designers Quintessence, embarking on a new kind of project – The Aston Martin Yacht- AM 37. The project, one of the first design cross-overs to bare the automaker’s DNA and core values, counted on engineering support on behalf of Mulder Design – a fellow Dutch yacht specialist known for creating ships inspired in Bond movies.

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aston martin yacht

The 37-foot speed boat is made from carbon fibre, epoxy resin and other futuristic composites used in both the racing and aerospace industries. It’s sporty character doesn’t overshadow the elegance projected with Aston’s image, leading the company to present the model in 2 versions: The standard AM37, known as a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat, that reaches a top speed of 44 knots (82 km/h), and the AM37 S, considered a true powerboat which can reach a top speed of 52 knots (96 km/h).

aston martin yacht

The boat’s designers argue that every component and line was selected and drawn with a special purpose, as a great deal of effort was poured into minimizing weight, reducing surface contact with water, yet enhancing comfort, and ensuring a smooth ride.

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aston martin yacht

A price tag is yet to be put on both Aston Martin yacht models, yet it’s limited nature may mean that it won’t reach the public. Head over to Quintessence’s website to learn more about the project.