Nothing beats the thrill of challenging the wind on one of the world’s most spectacular sailing yachts. Oceanic yachts are all about sharing and enjoying life at sea together.

Sailing yachts can range in overall length from about 6 metres (20 ft) to well over 30 metres (98 ft), where the distinction between a yacht and a ship becomes blurred. Most privately owned yachts fall in the range of about 7–14 metres (23–46 ft); the cost of building and keeping a yacht rises quickly as length increases. In the United States, sailors tend to refer to smaller yachts as [sailboats], while referring to the general sport of sailing as yachting. Within the limited context of sailboat racing, a yacht is any sailing vessel taking part in a race, regardless of size.

Modern yachts have efficient sail-plans, most notably the Bermuda rig, that allow them to sail towards the wind. This capability is the result of a sail-plan and hull design.

A well-designed yacht is a thing of pure beauty, and here we are choosing ten of the world’s finest!



M5- Mirabella V


Banque Popularire V






MC2 catamarans


Oyster 125

10_Top_gorgeous_sailing_yachts-Oyster 125

Leopard 3

10_Top_gorgeous_sailing_yachts-Leopard 3

Tofinou 16

10_Top_gorgeous_sailing_yachts-Tofinou 16

Swan 80S

10_Top_gorgeous_sailing_yachts-Swan 80S