Venerated for its bold elegance and unique style, Italian modern shoes are often revered as pure perfection and high quality. A man should appropriately stamp his luxury lifestyle and identity in society with dress shoes that are made to impress. Offering the best of craftsmanship and a unique design, these are the most recognized Italian shoes brands!

Article Originally Published On February 28, 2020


As one of the Fine Italian shoes brands, Bontoni combines history and tradition with modern design. The sophisticated and elegant shoes are handcrafted in Italy using only the finest leathers and materials just as they were generations ago.

Brunello Cucinelli

This Italian brand is recognized for its fine materials and simple yet classy colour palette. Inspired by the beautiful Solomeo landscape in Italy, the high-end brand has built many admire its philosophical approach to the unique design. Every single shoe by Brunello Cucinelli fits perfectly with a luxury lifestyle!

The Most Luxury of Exclusive Design:  Millionaire Safes

Dolce and Gabbana

One of the best fashions and Italian shoes brands. With Mediterranean origins, Dolce and Gabbana present new views on elegance while staying true to their highly venerated styles and creativity. Their footwear collection brings bold patterns to the runway and often makes quite the impression.

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A Testoni

A Testoni is one of the most famous Italian shoes brands for men that combines ancient and contemporary design techniques to make luxury shoes that demonstrate the best of Italian craftsmanship. Every single shoe created by the high-end brand is strictly handcrafted with no hesitation in using the highest quality materials.


Featuring extremely iconic patterns and creative use of quality materials, Gucci is the definition of exclusivity and contemporary. As one of the best Italian shoes brands, all their modern shoes and products redefine luxury and greatly represent Italian craftsmanship at its finest.


This is one of the best Italian shoes brands: Isaia is a symbol of elegance, masterful craftsmanship, modern design, and traditional style.

The Best of Exclusive Design: The Remarkable Millionaire Safes


Founded in Milan, Prada is one of the highest figures of Italian fashion and also one of the best Italian shoes brands. About inspirations: its close observation and curiosity of the modern world and society.


A pure example of the true excellence of Italian shoemaking. Tradition and innovation are the core elements of their crafting techniques, powered by a modern attitude with ancient knowledge. The Santoni luxury shoes are a perfect symbol of sophistication.

The Most Luxury of Exclusive Design:  Millionaire Safes

Stefano Ricci

Based in Italy, Stefano Ricci pays a tribute to nature and art in its footwear. Offering passion and creativity, this is one of the luxury brands that has challenged the boundaries of true quality.


As one of the best Italian shoes brands, Valentino’s creativity represents the ideal image of Italian luxury for those who thrive in elegant footwear.

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