Wimberly Interiors is an interior design firm founded in New York in 2011, described as boundless and independent, covering all corners of the globe. Following the storyline of a broad narrative to the smallest and most meaningful details, Wimberley Interiors design the stories of spaces from high-energy nightclubs and restaurants, to grand lobbies of stately hotels and sumptuous salons of private homes. Discover the wonders of Wimberly Interiors design with us!

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Bellagio Shanghai, China

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Bellagio Shanghai China
Source: Wimberly Interiors

China welcomed the luxury hotel design from Wimberly Interiors commissioned by Bellagio for its first-ever hotel location outside North America. Granite stone and other rich materials, columns, and subdued details understatedly refer to the design traditions of the Bund area in Shanghai. The reinterpreted silhouettes, textures, and embellishments in this living room pay homage to the glamour and optimism of the Art Deco era in a modern interpretation.

Corinthia Abuja, Nigeria

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Corinthia Abuja Nigeria
Source: Wimberly Interiors

Interior Design takes on a luxury fresh and contemporary design at this private international retreat in Nigeria. This luxury project, opulent while modern, Wimberly Interiors has subtly incorporated the fine details of local culture alongside contemporary art and sculpture. A material palette of black granite, quartz, copper sulfide, chrome, and gold turn this luxury interior into an exquisite escape. Bookcases, display cabinets, chests, and artwork are carefully curated to create a guest experience.

Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Europe
Source: Wimberly Interiors

Wimberly Interiors is the firm behind the luxury interior design of the Grand Suites of the Orient Express. A unique and historical brand, this is a distinctive restoration that evokes a lost era of luxury traveling. The Istanbul Suite is rich in exotic materials and patterning. In its turn, the Venice suite makes reference to craftsmanship in the city with its Murano chandeliers and Venetian mirrors. Finally, the Paris Suite appears as a love affair with the Art Deco movement with a light crisp color palette, delicate fabrics, and crystal panels.

Crowne Plaza Wuzhen, China

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Crowne Plaza Wuzhen China
Source: Wimberly Interiors

Located in the ‘Venice of the East’, Crowne Plaza Wuzhen is an interior design project from Wimberly Interiors celebrated as a classic yet contemporary reinterpretation of the region’s rich history. Celebrating local artisanal practices, the luxury interior design serves as a sensitive nod to the past while looking forward to a prosperous future. The custom light fixtures in the lobby reimagine traditional street lanterns.

Hotel 50 Bowery, New York City, USA

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Hotel 50 Bowery New York City USA
Source: Wimberly Interiors

In New York City, Wimberly Interiors signed a revolutionary design, capturing the diversity and energy of the city. Past meets the present at Hotel 50 Bowery. In the guest rooms, the light-filled design features industrial materials, original artwork, and signature hand-plastered headboards. This luxury design of urban eclecticism takes advantage of the expansive views of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn across the water.

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Chroma Seoul, South Korea

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Chroma Seoul South Korea
Source: Wimberly Interiors

Chroma Seoul is the largest nightclub in Northeastern Asia. Sprawling across four floors, this luxury interior design by Wimberly Interiors is distinct, featuring multiple rooms of various entertainment sources, seamlessly woven together through the use of rich materials, reflective finishes and technicolor lighting design.

Myconian Imperial Resort Villas, Mykonos, Greece

Source: Wimberly Interiors

Minimalist elegance and modern sophistication brought to the Greek Islands by Wimberly Interiors. A destination in a design of light color and simplicity that invites tranquility through luxury interior design. Rooms and spaces are full of fresh white materials while metal drum side tables and seats add color and whimsy. The tables are wooden reminiscing their natural state and being a cool accent against dazzling white.

Belmond Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal

Wimberly Interiors - Luxury Interior Design Projects Belmond Reid's Madeira Portugal
Source: Wimberly Interiors

Wimberly Interiors created the Interior Design of this legendary hotel in Madeira, which focuses on acknowledging its history through an interior luxury project that skillfully remains in touch with the hotel’s provenance. Every touchpoint is thought to be a tactile experience, created to heighten sensory and inspired guest memories.

St. Regis Astana, Kazakhstan

Wimberly Interiors Luxury Interior Design Projects St Regis Astana Kazakhstan
Source: Wimberly Interiors

This luxury design project shows Kazakhstan seen through the eyes of the modern traveler who embraces the artisan finish, and ornate detail that is authentic to the destination. Wimberly Interiors highlights refined elegance and sleek customized luxury. Kazakh tradition is seen in embroidered carpets on walls and floors, patterned ribbon, wood carvings, and leather in rich colors.

Dream New York Downtown, New York City, USA

Wimberly Interiors Luxury Interior Design Projects Dream New York Downtown USA
Source: Wimberly Interiors

Dream New York Downtown is one of the hottest properties in Lower Manhattan and Wimberly Interiors was the hand behind its renovation. Core to the luxury design interior, is the electric blue color palette, Italian Portoro marble finishes, and Venini glass chandeliers. Luxurious, and in a maximalist interpretation, the interior design project incorporates circular patterns and clean lines, complementing the building’s maritime-inspired exterior.

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