If you’re waiting for the eve of a gala to find the perfect dress, we can tell you it’s impossible. That dress appears in our mind with colours, shapes and patterns we want, but not in the stores we seek for. Time and much money make dreams come true, especially in Southeastern Asian countries, like China, but it’s not easy for many of you to get there.

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Technological advances have created another alternative: economical individualized clothing (call it mass customization) for the middle market. Sizing algorithms and e-commerce enable companies to offer a variety of designs and fits at only slightly more than similar off-the-rack prices. Now consumers can buy made-to-order clothing and shoes online.

See-Beyonce-Givenchy-Met-Gala-Gown-From-All-Angles The Rising of Bespoke Clothes The Rising of Bespoke Clothes See Beyonce Givenchy Met Gala Gown From All Angles

  What is called “massed customization” was first tried by Levi’s, in 1995. After a one-time computerized fitting, a customer could choose the style, fabrics, finishes and colours of his product. That service existed during 9 years, untill domestic manufacturing was moved off-shore and customized work could no longer be managed long distance. Even though, other companies followed “massed customization”. The process usually starts online, with customers entering some features of their wanting product. On the other side, the company receives those instructions and start to make dreams come true. levis The Rising of Bespoke Clothes The Rising of Bespoke Clothes levis

If you were to do a bespoke dress, how would it features?