So you thought phones are just for making calls, emails and surfing the net! Perish the thought. They are now a status symbol.

A phone is a significant necessity of our daily lives. In today’s society, there aren’t many things that people are more attached to than their mobile phones. A person’s cell phone is his gateway into all that goes on in their life. With the current progress in technology, it now looks as if your cell phone can do everything that your PC can do. Here is a list of world’s top 10 most expensive phones.

iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy

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The iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy range is encased in 24-carat gold and is encrusted with over 788 VS1 diamonds. But you can even customize your most expensive iPhone in the world by choosing between gold, rose gold or platinum finishes and you can add different precious stones including rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and colored diamonds in black, pink and yellow. You can also add a customized laser engraving of whatever you want. One of the iPhone Diamond Ecstasy phones can cost you up to €2 million.


Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond-Crypto-Smartphone phones 10 Most Expensive Phones Diamond Crypto Smartphone 720x677
The Diamond Crypto Smartphone was developed to “provide secure protection of information”. The phone is made of solid platinum. The Ancort logo and navigation are 18 karats rose gold with 28 cut diamonds surrounding the navigation key, 25.5 princesses cut diamonds have decorated the sides of the phone and on top of that there are 8 more beautiful diamonds affixed onto the device. This diamond graved phone costs a whopping €1.15 million.


Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S

lusso-iphone-4s-da-30-000-dollari-376227_w1000 phones 10 Most Expensive Phones lusso iphone 4s da 30 000 dollari 376227 w1000 700x720

As the name suggests, Goldgenie is a company that is pretty good at covering gadgets with precious metals. Gadgets like the iPhone 4S, for example, which is available in Gold, Rose Gold, or Platinum, with some diamonds thrown in for good measure. But the crème de la crème is the Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S, which is beautified using the purest gold that can be crafted.

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Dior Reveries Haute Couture

Dior-Reveries-Haute-Couture-Smart-Phone-1000x500 phones 10 Most Expensive Phones Dior Reveries Haute Couture Smart Phone 1000x500 720x360
However, we do care. This here is an Android handset made with a lot of help from LG. Only 99 of these diamond, pearl, and what not encrusted pieces of artwork have been made.

Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin

Grand Touch AM-DNSGCT 29 x 37cm phones 10 Most Expensive Phones Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin 720x532

What happens when you take a Nexus S and cover it with bling? Well, that is exactly what the Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin is. This luxury smartphone is available in five different trims featuring sapphire crystal and precious metals.

Tag Heuer Link

TAG-Heuer-LINK-Smartphone-Full-Diamonds-and-White-Lizard-900x900px phones 10 Most Expensive Phones TAG Heuer LINK Smartphone Full Diamonds and White Lizard 900x900px 720x720
Underneath the 1007 diamonds totaling 2.53 karats lies an Android smartphone with a 3.5-inch WVGA display and a 5-megapixel main camera. The device is water-tight and shock-resistant, but above all, it is a celebration of Swiss craftsmanship.

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Lamborghini TL700

Lamborghini-smartphone-antares-2 phones 10 Most Expensive Phones Lamborghini smartphone antares 2 720x541
The Lamborghini TL700 is an Android offering that will impress you with its design, and definitely not with its specs sheet. It sports a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera, and Android 2.3 comes pre-loaded. Let’s hope they have covered the handset with enough gold to make up for its mid-range hardware.


BlackBerry Porsche Phone

porsche-blackberry3 phones 10 Most Expensive Phones porsche blackberry3 720x468

BlackBerry has been producing customized phones for Porsche, and Blackberry Porsche P9983 is the third in the series. Retaining a BlackBerry signature design of QWERTY keyboard, the Porsche P9983 comes with 3.10-inch display (720×720 resolution). The chassis and the Porsche logo is made of forged stainless steel, while the sapphire glass covers camera lens. It also has specially designed synthetic glossy keys.


iPhone 24ct Gold Collection

goldgenie-iphone-6-2 phones 10 Most Expensive Phones goldgenie iphone 6 2 720x360

The iPhone has long been a status symbol, and what better way to emphasize that than with a luxurious authentic golden sheen. Not just the regular gold or platinum paint, mind you, but the real thing plated onto the iPhone 6’s body.


Vertu Signature Diamond

18045 phones 10 Most Expensive Phones 18045 720x510

Exclusive luxury phones from Vertu. Vertu is very famous for its luxury mobile phone products, including mobile phones Vertu Signature Diamond is included in order to-10 list of the world’s most expensive mobile phones. This phone is made of platinum and claimed the best assembly process is done by hand, not machines. Phone decorated with a pretty fancy diamonds produced only 200 pieces



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