At the startling cost of $7 million per room, Macau’s The 13, with its 200 baroquely crafted suites, fancies itself possibly as the world’s most expensive hotel. Stephen Hung’s masterpiece of a luxury hotel is slated to open later this summer.

Enigmatically titled The 13 (after Mr. Hung’s lucky number), this Macau luxury property will arguably be one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. Now, Louis XIII Holdings Limited has revealed the very first images of what the hotel will be like and Luxury Safes will show everything for you.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macaubl-private-collection-750

The all-villa luxury hotel (villa is Macau-speak for large suite) will feature 200 rooms most of which will be in the Villa du Comte style with a gross floor area of approximately 2,000 square feet while 31 are to have a palatial 30,000 square feet for the Villa de Stephen.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macau

The luxury suites are accessed by private elevator. A 24-hour butler service staffed by professionals (trained by MCM Palace Consultants in Paris and certified by the English Guild of Butlers) is available. Red Rolls-Royce Phantoms are used as VIP shuttles. You get the feeling that if Hung had enough resources, he would have hired personal palanquin bearers for every guest as well.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macau

Elevators will open directly into a private lobby, so you won’t have any more awkward encounters on landings and in corridors.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macau

The first entrance is full of luxury baroque décor elements and artwork.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macau


In the living room, the décor contrasts with modern Diamond series luxury furniture.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macau

The ornate marble Roman Bath accommodates 6-8 people and lies under a vaulted baroque ceiling supported by neo-classical columns and lit by a spectacular luxury crystal chandelier. When not in use, the Roman Bath is covered by a retractable marble floor.

World’s Most Expensive Hotel in Macau

More opulence awaits in the bedroom where a velvet canopied bed with an elaborate gilded headboard takes center stage.

Luxury Master Bedroom at The 13 Macau

The Marble bathroom is illuminated by a standing candelabra which features a rain shower and electric bidet toilet behind the stained glass façade.

Luxury Bathroom at The 13 Macau

Every inch of this luxury hotel seems to be embellishment: baroque inspired frescoes on the ceiling; gold-fringed drapes hanging across the room; black and white marble checkered floors; stained glass windows; neo-classical columns; crystal chandeliers.

One might think that even aristocrats in the past had some sense of restraint. Likewise, in the taste department, there are six Chinese, French and Japanese restaurants & bars. This luxury hotel even has a private invitation-only shopping space called L’Atelier – featuring exclusive bespoke products by high-end luxury brands.

Bespoke Details of World Most Expensive Hotelkk-mirrors-750

Every detail of this luxury hotel was though to proportionate an exclusive, bespoke and luxurious experience to all the special guests that decided to stay on it during their luxury travel. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll find some exclusive furniture from Boca do Lobo at the most expensive hotel in the world.