Homo Faber is an inspiring exhibition of European craftsmanship, an international cultural event to showcase fine contemporary, traditional and rare craftsmanship and its link to the world of creativity and design. It will take place in Venice from the 14th to the 30th of September and Luxury Safes finds this design event behind charming. With some of the most important names of the interior design world, plus presentations by luxury brands of exclusive furniture, this might be one of the best events of the year!

Craftsmanship and Imagination

Meet the Speakers At Homo Faber Design Event

Meet the Speakers At Homo Faber Design Event

This conference will feature the exclusive designer India Mahdavi. Together with master artisans, the celebrated architect and designer has created for Homo Faber two unique “follies” showcasing the potential of fine craftsmanship to shape and inspire.


Glass between craftsmanship and design

Meet the Speakers At Homo Faber Design Event

Meet the Speakers At Homo Faber Design Event

The intersection of glass craft and design has always proved fruitful. It is a space where tradition is celebrated as innovation is pursued – pushing forward towards novel interpretations of glass to match (and shape) contemporary tastes and desires. A discussion with French designer Emmanuel Babled and Danish scholar/artist Maria Sparre-Petersen.


Fabrics of everyday life

Meet the Speakers At Homo Faber Design Event

Fabrics are an ordinary feature of daily life. Not, however, when they are recombined by celebrated Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos. In this talk she will guide the audience through her creative process of appropriation and re-contextualisation, at large scale, of pre-existing objects and everyday realities.

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Artfully made

The Fondazione Cologni and publishing house Marsilio present the book by Ugo La Pietra “Fatto ad arte. Né arte né design” (“Artfully Made. Neither Art nor Design”), which presents a selection (1975-2018) of writings and drawings by the great Italian artist, architect and designer, a historic champion of applied arts.


European Craftsmanship-Exhibition

Also at this event, Boca do Lobo, a portuguese luxury brand of furniture will showcase two of its best sellers that represent two different techniques of craftsmanship, the filigree delicate jewelry technique with the Filigree mirror and the renowned hand-painted tiles, called “azulejos”, with the contemporary piece Heritage sideboard. Both pieces, from the Limited Collection by Boca do Lobo, will be exhibited at the space Best of European Craftsmanshipat Sala degli Arazzi, where visitors would be able to wander through exquisite objects specifically sourced for the event and observe the skill of master artisans in real time and at close quarters.

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