London Craft Week is a yearly design event that showcases extraordinary and incomparable craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring concealed workshops and unknown makers,  and artisans alongside celebrated masters, famous design studios, galleries, shops, and luxury brands.


London Craft Week 2019: Celebrating Authenticity and Creativity


London Craft Week returns to England’s capital for its fifth edition from 8th to 12th May 2019. This event will celebrate the outstanding British contemporary design and international creativity. Besides this, London Craft Week brings together creative works with a unique design by over 240 established and emerging artists, designers, high-end brands and galleries from around the world.



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London Craft Week has an extensive programme in which everyone will be able to find something to his/her own liking. Engaging workshops, showrooms, exclusive collections by the best designers, etc.



Authenticity with exclusive design is at the heart of London Craft Week and the programme purposes to appeal a broad audience united in their appreciation of imagination, individuality, passion and skill. The design exhibition will present a curated programme of events across London permits visitors to generate their own itinerary, encounter the makers and gain access to exclusive and unique exhibitions, and creative workshops.



During this edition, London Craft Week will reflect a global design trend, with increasingly discerning visitors searching out objects of beauty and substance against a flowering of craftsmanship worldwide. This design event will bridge iconic and marvelous heritage and contemporary luxury brands as well as independent makers and allows them to tell their stories: that will be the main goal of London Craft Week 2019. Each year, with the magical city as its backdrop, the supreme event shines a spotlight on emerging artists and makers and rejoices a golden age of creative talent.



A lot of design events and more will be happening during the London Craft Week! If you are in London or have the intention of visiting this cold yet a gorgeous city, Luxury Safes highly suggests that you come to take a look and try all the artistic workshops for yourself!




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