Today Luxury safes blog will hunt the truffles. It is widely known, that truffles are very difficult to be found as well as very expensive and it is common to call the process of finding truffles-hunt. Luxury delicacy for exclusive group of people and very hard to find. Let get some tricks how hunting truffles.

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Truffles are what many consider a great delicacy – but beyond their earthy, pungent fumes, the great truffle is also one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. In fact, European white truffles, which are becoming increasingly scarce, can sell for almost US $3,600 per pound. The origin of truffles was a great mystery in classical times – Plutarch was just one of many who believed them to have resulted when lightning struck warm, damp soil, whilst Dioscorides was convinced that they were tuberous roots. The general consensus today is that they are mushrooms, but while the lobster mushroom and morels are also coveted fungal delicacies like the truffle, they are not actually mushrooms in the technical sense.

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The pheromones of a male pig on heat reportedly smell just like truffles, well, according to female pigs. Given their innate ability to hunt for the delicacy and their keen sense of smell, the French favored them in their search for truffles. In Australia, however, using pigs to sniff out the fungus is prohibited, so trained dogs are used instead.

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The namesake delicacy, prized for their tiny, exquisite selves, doesn’t contain any actual fungal truffles, nor are they in any way related. The actual reason behind naming chocolate truffles so is fairly debated, but the general idea is that their traditional shape resembles their fungus namesake.

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The smell of truffles is not a subtle one – it effervesces with a pungent and at times controversial aroma. In The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine, Steven Rinella writes that connoisseurs likened the fungus as an aphrodisiac, which reportedly reminded of a brothel bed thanks to its ‘organic, earthy odor’.

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Alternative nickname the odorous truffle goes by: fairy apple, a diamond of cookery, black queen and fragrant nugget. 

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