The luxury furniture brand seeks to elevate the fine craftsmanship and the exclusive design, and also to honor the wonders the past: take a look and discover authentic pieces with a unique design that can fit perfectly with your luxury lifestyle. Boca do Lobo presents to you the best of luxury design

As part of the celebrations for Boca do Lobo‘s 15th Anniversary, the luxury brand has already showcased so many of its newest ways of reinventing design, such as new exclusive design pieces and of course the already iconic and supreme House of Boca do Lobo.


The Best Of Luxury And Exclusive Design: The New Ebook By Boca do Lobo

To rejoice the 15 years of luxury designBoca do Lobo has put together a list of 15 furniture designs that perfectly showcase what makes this high-end brand so unique. With “15 Years – Master SelectionEbook, you’ll be able to take a stroll down memory lane as Boca do Lobo unravel all the exquisite details of these creations, and showcase never before revealed information regarding these pieces, provided and offered by its Creative Director, Marco Costa


Boca do Lobo has always been fascinated by the unexpected. Deeply connected with the Portuguese legacy, the brand seeks innovation, being able to deliver an unparalleled experience and fulfill the most demanding art and luxury design lovers’ desires and needs.


Our Newest Ebook - The Art Of Desiging And Crafting Exclusive Pieces (2)


“15 years ago… Boca do Lobo started a journey with a clear mission: to represent globally, ancient handcrafting techniques and create a groundbreaking design. This year marks an extraordinary milestone birthday for us. Boca do Lobo has now inspired, honoured and celebrated design for 15 years. It has been in our core to offer the highest level of quality and form lasting relationships with our public. We have grown thanks to our customers’ loyalty and passion. That is the foundation on which this house is built. We are devoted to restlessly share our values, legacy and respect of our ancestors with our most appreciated public.” – Creative Director, Marco Costa


Our Newest Ebook - The Art Of Desiging And Crafting Exclusive Pieces (1)

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