In Monaco, a skyscraper hides a very luxurious pad. This gorgeous penthouse has 70 luxury apartments and 2 duplex. The modern architect Alexandre Giraldi designed it and it will worth $300 million in july. At least, it’s supposed to be finished in that month.

odeon tower3


The big windows allow you to see the most beautiful, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the terraces give you the opportunity of  enjoying the breeze up in the sky. To the cleaning and valet chores, you just need to use touchscreen controls in your apartment.

In order to keep residents healthy, there are Turkish and Russian saunas, plenty of swimming pools and spas. With full-time concierge and a luxury supermarket, this apartment also has private limousines, cars and a cinema.

The most luxurious apartment in the world

The most luxurious apartment in the world

Known by its richness, Monaco hosts art, cultural and sport events. Some examples are the Formula One Grand Prix, the Rolex Tennis Master,the Monte-Carlo Arts Festival or the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival This prestige makes Monaco one of the most wanted locations in the globe. Is very common to see an yacht

harboured in the marina.

The most luxurious apartment in the worldThe most luxurious apartment in the world

How should be like to live on the “top of the world”?