The year 2016 is shortly arriving, and never have safe’s been so efficient, or for that matter, looked so good. With the modern household’s functionalities becoming broader and broader, and in some ways more complex, storing valuables has also become a priority. Enter the niche Luxury Safes market, where only a few select brands tick all boxes off the long list of requirements (such as watch winder, cigar humidor, wine refrigerator) and high standards behind each piece.

With prices starting at the four digit mark, these highly specialised (furniture) items satisfy the toughest of safety requirements, and look absolutely incredible. True statements in terms of incredible design work and meticulous manufacturing processes, the following 15 safe models are guaranteed to keep any commodity or secret, safe and sound:

Bespoke Luxury Safes

A fully customized Buben & Zorweg Safe for Bentley sports a fascinating colour code, yet remaining an impenetrable statement of security.

Luxury Safes

The demanding Luxury Safe market requires these specialised design pieces to fit a variety of valuables, with incorporated wine refrigerators and cigar humidor, to watch winders and jewellery drawers. 

Watchwinder and Safe

Often these safes incorporate watch winders and drawers.

X-007 Luxury Safes

Luxury Safes

Boca do Lobo‘s Black Diamond Safe features a unseen faceted design, and suits those with an apetite for design and exclusivity.
Luxury Safes Black

Another example of the importance of bespoke work, with fully customisable interiors.
Luxury Safes Gold

The Millionaire Safe, is too, an incredible statement piece and entirely unique within the safe world.

Luxury Safes Detail

The experience of opening the Millionaire safe’s door only adds to it’s value, where design, exhilaration and power come together for a unique moment.

Knox Safe - Luxury Safes

The Knox Safe by Boca do Lobo portrays elegance, exclusivity and quality.

Luxury Safes GIF Boca do Lobo

Dalí Safe - Luxury Safes



Luxury Safe

The Dalí Safe explores the concept of modernism, in the form of a artistic furniture piece with the highest safety standards.

Luxury Safe
dottling watchwinder safe
Upholstered Casing
Gun Cabinet and Luxury Safe

Doettling’s Bel Air Safe is represented as a center piece in a truly special cabin environment, with it’s upholstered exterior making all the diference in terms of presence.
Luxury Safe and Gun Cabinet

An absolute fortress of a safe.

Luxury Details

Doettling are known for their amazing attention to detail and simple design features that bring out the best in their designs.
Luxury interior detail
Luxury Details
Upholstered Luxury Safe

The Doettling Liberty Safe, inspired in Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona chair, is not only simple and sober, but also portrays serious safety.

Barcelona Edition Luxury Safe
Luxury Safe
Upholstered Exterior
Bespoke Luxury Safe


After all this exposure, do you know which Luxury Safe best fits your luxury life? Boca do Lobo exclusive pieces can be just what you were looking forward to keep your luxury goods safe.

Luxury Safes Boca do Lobo