Patricia Darch one of the most prestigious interior designers of Spain, uses the modern concepts and classical to create beautiful masterpieces. Incredible and amazing forms of art. With a lot of passion for what she makes Patricia Darch has an amazing team that makes this designer and also this brand an incredible asset. Get to know this fantastic designer and see what she, and her team, are capable of.

Are you ready to see some of the best projects? Let’s go! 

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Sotogrande Costa

A fabulous city from Spain hat is capable of seducing you by this incredible and majestic design that describes well the luxury world, all the light colors and open space is amazing.


Waterfront Villa, Bahamas

The purple color is used in this design, a darker color with a lot of class and elegance. A unique choice for a world full of light like the Bahamas something bold but at the same time so incredible.


Puente Romano

Patricia Darch

Patricia Darch

Do you have any other adjective to describe these masterpieces? I have one Perfection, so sublime so majestic and at the same time so powerful, some great designs in this projects and Patricia Darch is the visionary behind them. Yes, Visionary is something that some people have, not all but some and that makes them be out of the ordinary in a good way of course.

What did you think? Did you like the designs? I sure did!

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