The French jeweler Lalique launched 6 new capsule collections within the new Lalique La Divine line: Adrienne, Lili, Lily-of-the-Valley, Parrot, Beetle and Vesta. The inspiration of this jewelry is the well-known actress Sarah Bernhardt. Bernhardt went on to lead an intriguing, unusual life, earning high praise from artists like Victor Hugo and Jean Cocteau for her forceful performances, keeping a menagerie of wild animals at her estate, and preferring to learn her lines while lounging in a silk-lined coffin.lalique-adrienne-jewelry-02 lalique-beetle-jewelry-02

She was one of the most important French actress, and become quickly one of René Lalique customer in the 20th century. That’s why today the brand decided to honor her and dedicate these 6 collections to her.

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lalique-lili-jewelry-01 lalique-parrot-jewelry-02

The rings, earings, and pendants of these collections have all an organic aspect.

The Lili collection is based on a flower motif Lalique used on a bejeweled crown he made for Bernhardt when she played the role of a princess in 1895. Jewelry in the Lily-of-the-Valley line center on smooth white pearls used to depict the lily’s heavy, fragrant blossoms, captured in the collection’s 12-carat pearl pendant, encircled with 70 pavé diamonds.

lalique-lilly-of-the-valley-jewelry-01 lalique-lilly-of-the-valley-jewelry-02

The Parrot, Beetle, and Vesta collections honor the actress’s love of exotic animals and her colorful style on and off stage. Bright-green Paraiba tourmalines and fiery orange sapphires adorn the fanned wings of the Parrot designs, while deep-blue sapphires and entrancing opals are set in white gold on the Egyptian-inspired Beetle creations.

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