Nowadays, a game room is an essential segment in a contemporary residence. Choosing the appropriate luxury furniture and layout for an exclusive gaming room is key, in order to reach the craved feeling known as relaxation and playtime, and making the most of this room concept, which is ever so sweet.

Traditionally, the gaming room is characterised by a more masculine environment, when compared to the rest of the house’s divisions, and is where boys’ toys are displayed and used. With an increased demand in gaming rooms in today’s luxury homes interior design, designers and house owners alike, face themselves with another challenge of completing yet another division within a given context. Dealing with this challenge can either be perceived as fun, or as indeed, complicated, depending on the flexibility in decor, and the projects constraints, from room dimensions and characteristics, to the owners wishes.

In order to help you, and make this decision easier to take, Luxury Safes shows you some of the key essentials for any functional and loveable gaming room and 20 gaming tables for a luxury gaming room.


Snooker Table by Boca do Lobo made from wood with carved legs, in a baroque and minimalist faceted style


Gold Snooker Table - gaming room

Curved lines work exceptionally well in a full on modern environments, with tasteful lines maintaining an aesthetic quality that stands the test of time.


White Snooker Table with Modern Design - gaming room

Especially when the possibility of combining alternative materials and colours is an option.


Luxury Classic Poker Table - gaming room

Playing surface finish is key for a true touch of luxury, where matt colour should compliment the room’s overall pallet.


Luxury Snooker Table with Modern Design - gaming room

Glasswork and metal makes for a unmistakable combination.


Snooker Table with Modern and Luxury Design

Bold geometric lines, as seen above, makes the right statement where contemporary design is striking, yet not overwhelming.


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Nightstands GIF Boca do Lobo




Modern Black Snooker Table - gaming room

Black on black, is undeniably a winning combination.


Modern billiard table by Ralph Lauren - gaming room

And on occasion, experimenting with alternative materials, such as glass, can also prove rewarding.


Modern Sexy Ping Pong Table

The table-tennis table is often a centerpiece in the gaming room and should respect the environment’s various elements, blending in with tones and materials.


Modern Luxury Ping Pong Table

Turned legs, marquetry detailing and textured netting are some of the elements which can be tweaked and played with.


Modern Wood Surface in a Ping Pong Table

Never forget to keep the playing surface, clean and classy – Solid wood veneer, with an appropriate varnish treatment.


Purple Poker Table

Poker tables are also often sought after for the modern gaming room.


Luxury Poker Table

Leather borders, cup holders, and noble wood finish are few of the details that should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate poker table.


Purple Snoker Table

Turned details on the table legs, and detailed woodwork finished in high gloss are becoming essential elements in the contemporary classic look.

Snooker Brown and Luxury

Leather upholstery and details and dark shades are typical in the gaming room. Moreover, industrial elements and materials, such as metals, also contribute to the ultimate gaming room environment.


Snooker Modern Table in Wood and Gold

In environments with good lighting, pale woods and a lighter pallet should be predominant.


Snooker Modern Table

Contrasting classic elements and wooden features suit the best of modern environments.


Snooker Retro Table

However, for a modern feel, it is also worth exploring certain retroelements, for contrast and impact.


Modern Snooker Table

Snooker Table with Clean Lines

Modern is also often associate with simple and clean lines, and neutral tones, like the table above.


Snooker Table with a Modern Design

Overall, the secret is to play with the right color and material finishes, creating a place where you feel comfortable and funny. After all, what really matters is to play and relax in a bespoke environment.


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Side Tables Boca do Lobo